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To catch a monster, using anti-terror law
The Star-Ledger, August 14, 2005

  • What can you do to stop your friend from meeting an Internet stranger offline?
  • How can you stop your sister from sharing too much on her profile or webcam?
  • How can you help the person you love when they come home battered and bruised?
  • What can friends do when their loved one does not come home at all?
  • What should a parent do when they discover or suspect that their child is meeting strangers offline?
 for Young Victims of Internet Sexual Exploitation is a special program of, designed by and for young victims of Internet sexual exploitation. But is not only for victims, it is also for those who love and care about them, such as their family members, friends and loved ones. With the gentle support and guidance they find at, many victims can share what happened to them and start their healing process. No one has to face this alone. We're here.

Katie Tarbox

My name is Katie Tarbox and Parry Aftab named for me. Some of you may already know who I am. I was a victim of an Internet sexual predator when I was only thirteen. I was lucky enough to have supporting parents and get help. Even with all that help, though, I lived with years of pain, guilt and fear. I ended up writing a book about my story which has been read by millions of young people around the world. But thousands of young people are still being victimized by Internet predators every year, and too many feel they have no one to turn to. That has to change. And we can change it together.

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